At Willow Creek Nursery we believe in protecting the environment as well as growing hearty, healthy plants. We take pride that our plants are grown without pesticides. We also have a strong focus on growing native plants and plants that attract wildlife. We have seen the harmony of nature grow as one through this natural process.

In addition to traditional stock, we specialize in growing unique and unexpected varieties. You will quickly find that our many years of landscaping knowledge as well as our demonstration gardens will guide you along to finding the perfect plants to fill your needs.

Britt Averine, owner of Willow Creek Landscaping, has been working in horticulture for over 25 years. Britt’s many years of various experiences is what makes her a “seasoned” gardener and grower. She believes in doing it right the first time. Willow Creek has a very strong passion for texture and form in the landscape. We believe in using native plants and creating wildlife habitat whenever possible. With her strong art background and obsession with plants, Britt creates spaces that are full of life and imagination.

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